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The Strategic Advisory Board is a Mastermind Group consisting of business owners acting as each other's Board of Directors.  The Board offers brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and support in a group setting structured to help each member achieve success.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Why an Advisory Board?

  • Work on your business, not for it.

  • Collaboration & brainstorming

  • Accountability

  • Support

  • Better decision-making

  • Expanded skills

  • Expanded vision 

  • Increased profits

How Does An Advisory Board Work?

At one group meeting per month, each member will present their plans, objectives or problems.  The group will help members​:

  • Vet their ideas and develop possible alternatives.

  • Identify possible obstacles

  • Plan strategies to handle the obstacles

  • Develop action steps (with accountability)

  • Solicit help or resources from members

What is Required for an Advisory Board?

  • Members from diverse industries

  • A commitment to work diligently for success for themselves and others

  • Fiscal commitment & responsibility

  • Optimism & a positive outlook

  • Absolute discretion

Member's Typical Issues

"I think I need to hire a VP of Sales.  I don't have a job description, nor do I have a profile of the ideal candidate.  Consequently, I don't know where to look."

"I have an HR problem with one of my key employees.  I believe they should be fired, but I'll never find anyone as good."

"I think I have an opportunity in a new market with one of my most profitable products.  I'm not sure, however, how to enter that market."

"I'm not happy with my company's culture.  I would like to change our vision and mission statements to more reflect how I feel."

"My sales have slowed and my overhead has increased.  I need a plan in place by the end of this quarter to turn things around."

"My sales have slowed and my overhead has increased.  I need a plan in place by the end of this quarter to turn things around."

We interview you at your workplace to learn about your business: your products & services, your goals & objectives, your obstacles & stumbling blocks.

We do an analysis of your business which includes the company structure, the financial plan, the marketing plan, the sales plan, operations, & HR.

You visit & participate in a meeting to experience what happens.

If accepted, you sign a non-disclosure agreement & a contract.

The Application Process

Robert Heiss

Bob has over 40 years of experience In sales as a salesperson, manager and National VP. He has 25 years experience as an entrepreneur working with start ups and large corporations to help them develop world class sales organizations.

Bob is an expert at developing joint ventures and strategic partnerships for companies that are seeking an established marketplace for their products and services, seeking products and services for their established marketplace, or monetizing their client data base.

Larry Sashin

Focused on the growth of his client's  businesses, Larry has more than 45 years of leading sales initiatives and driving business growth.  His success in client development, management and his drive to find out what his client businesses really needs, wants, and are capable of doing make his clients winners on many levels.

Larry's skills and experience are easily adaptable.  He listens, plans, and implements a solid, realistic strategy that meets his client's goals that works within their physical and financial capabilities.

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